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AUDIOBOOK- GIRLS: 5 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mood

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Is your teen daughter struggling with feelings such as hurt, anger, or frustration? Maybe she's dealing with blame, shame, or guilt? Or perhaps she’s constantly replaying arguments and let-downs in her mind and feeling even worse about the situation or about herself?  

These feelings can be intense and can seem difficult to manage. Unresolved, they may lead to anxiety, depression, and a poor quality of life.    

What if there's a way to stop these feelings from spiraling out of control?   

Combining 20-years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner and Teen Confidence Expert, I created a simple 5-step program to help your daughter take control of her thoughts and feelings.    

This book will help your daughter:

  • Understand her feelings 
  • Move past disappointments 
  • Release unwanted emotions 
  • Work through challenges 
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Improve her relationships, and much more! 

Your daughter doesn’t have to be a prisoner of her feelings anymore. Once she learns these simple steps, she can start taking charge of her emotions. You can finally relax and watch as your daughter's self-confidence rises, and her self-esteem improves.    

Your daughter deserves to be happy and successful.  This book can help.   


Publisher: A Healed Mind

Language: English

Listening Hour: 1 hour and 32 minutes


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