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Great book

Love the simplicity of this book to help teens (and parents) learn to let go of unwanted feelings.

A Masterpiece!

Great Book!
I highly recommend this book not only for teens but also for all ages. As parents, it’s important to understand how our teenagers sees the world in order to understand their struggles and better help them cope with stress and uncertainties. As an adult, I loved every single chapter but in particular a quote from page 20.

This particular section from “Choosing Calm” really hit home and I hope it can help our teenagers understand that oftentimes there is an idea that somehow reacting in a negative way by getting angry or upset solves some problems.

The truth is that by getting angry and upset, we are wasting good energy that could be used for something beautiful and calming. Basically, this helps to understand that thoughts guide us to an emotional outcome regardless of how justified we think we may be...

Companion journal
The Companion Journal is another masterpiece I highly recommend. It helps the reader to connect to what is being read in a deeper way because it feels like we can create our own system for reflection that can teach about ourselves. It stimulates creativity but also reveal ideas that helps to release stress. It redirects concerns and helps the reader to move towards greater confidence and happiness about things that were hidden and needed a space to be manifested. Definitely recommending these books to friends, family and their teens.

Very educational and informative.

My son thought the book was helpful to help him understand his mind.

Great resources for young men!

Great seeing my son dive into self-help audiobook.

Mind book

My Granddaughter loves it. She started writing in it right away.

Involved Grandma

I bought this for my grand daughter who is about to turn 15. Her mother was as enthusiastic as I was, always a bonus! I will not ask my grand daughter if she is participating, she will tell me if she wants me to know

Words of Wisdom for Teens Collection (3 Books in 1)

Helpful for teen emotions

My 14 year old daughter said the book helped her understand her emotions better.

Highly recommended

I was skeptical about buying this book for my son because he’s not a big reader. He read this book in one weekend and asked me to order the companion workbook. He said it’s already helping him.

Worthwhile read!

Get this book if your teen is struggling with anxiety and negative self-talk. It’s an easy read that helps so much. My daughter read it in one sitting.

Great resource for teens and parents of teens.

So happy to have this as a resource to help my teen who’s struggling with anxiety. Love her practice and relatable approach.

Perfect for teen girls!

This book is so helpful. Easy to read, understandable, with great examples!

Fantastic journal!

I'm excited to share this with my daughter! It's full of great prompts and coloring designs... Great for her artistic side.

Damn Mind Book & Companion Journal Bundle
Allison, Katelynn, and Melia.
My daughters and I loved it!

My daughters and I just finished the Damn Mind book and journal and we loved it. Both my daughters said they felt very connected to the stories in your book. Hearing about others helped them to feel hopeful and positive about their situation. We are working on the 21 day mindset make-over now. It’s great to share our daily goals with each other. We have become closer because of it. I couldn’t thank you enough. With love, Allison, Katelynn, and Melia.

Love how simple it is!

This is a great, quick read to help you analyze your feelings and let go of the negative ones. I love the list of emotions and the explanation for why we need to be aware of how we label our emotions so that we can let it go easier.

I Would But My Damn Mind Won’t Let Me.

Great book for anyone who has a son experiencing mental health problems or needs a source to write down their thoughts.

Read or listen to this with your teen

I got the ebook first because I wasn’t sure I would like it. I have to say I loved it and got the paperback for my daughter. Your books have really helped us feel better about the future. I just ordered the companion journal and can’t wait to dive in. Thank you.

Excited Grandmother

I ordered this book for my 12 year old granddaughter. She’s been struggling with some peer pressure issues and lack of self esteem. She doesn’t live with me so I can’t say on a day to day if the book is helping her, but according to my daughter, she LOVES the book and takes it everywhere with her. She’s only had it for a week, but she’s already making journal notes and marking her favorite pages. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see her progress.

Not only for teens

Great service and awesome book. It’s not only for teens because it can benefit every girl or woman. Awesome examples and easy read.

Just what my daughter needed.

My daughter devoured the book. It was just what she needed.

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Gen Hall
Love this journal!

The activities and writing prompts in this journal are great. They really help me practice what I learned in the main book. And the coloring pages and borders are really pretty.

I would but my Damn Mind Won't let Me

Awesome... helping me understand my inner teenager, heal and grow! Loved the explanations and insightful exercises.. The case studies helped me not feel alone in the struggle and see it was possible to overcome it
The journal is great to work through too.

Fantastic and Empowering Read ✨🥹

I LOVE this book!!

So excited for young girls to read something that will help challenge them and see things in a positive way!

Saved MY sanity!

I bought these books as I struggled to understand what was going on in my oldest teen's head. This world is NOT the world I grew up in, and I had difficulty in communicating and relating to my teen. As I have 2 other girls waiting to reach this milestone, I felt this was the best investment I could find. I was right! Not only did it help my understand was they are - and will - go through, it made them feel like they aren't alone. The journal was an important addition as they were able to write down what they are experiencing and compare it to the companion book. Note that these are teens that didn't embrace journaling in the first place! This one gave them structure and direction, which was the missing piece. This has been life-altering, giving them the power of VOICE. Aside from that, the way that it is written feels like a conversation - this is what my girls loved the most about it. Not being talked TO, but WITH. As an added bonus, I felt like I could reconnect with my younger self, applying what I read to what I went through in my own teenaged years. That alone was invaluable. :)


I recently finished reading it and found it so insightful and helpful for parenting! <3