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Books, journals, and resources to help teen girls own their self-worth.

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Does your daughter struggle to feel good about herself?

Your daughter may not be sharing her innermost thoughts with you, but you know she isn’t happy. You see her struggling to keep up with her personal, academic, and social life. You want to help, but where do you even begin?

How do I help my teen daughter overcome low self-confidence and self-esteem. My daughter is anxious and depressed.


Words of Wisdom for Teens

Give your daughter the tools and information she needs to succeed in life with this collection of multi-award-winning books and companion journals written for teen girls.

The books and journals will help your daughter:
✓ Reflect, evaluate, and release unhelpful emotions
✓ Rewire her mind with positive and empowering beliefs
✓ Reconnect to her inner power to build lasting self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love

Your daughter deserves to be happy and successful.
Let’s get your daughter back on the right track – together.

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Words of Wisdom for Teens self help books for teen girls to build confidence

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5 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mood

"A must read that will assist you in resolving conflict, understand feelings, and let go of what's not serving you."

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I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me!

"Jacqui's book expertly guides teens in building self-esteem, managing emotions, and being a healthy teen!”

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Jump-Start Your Confidence & Boost Your Self-Esteem

"Teens who want to learn actionable strategies for changing negative thinking and creating new habits will love this book!"

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Hi there, I'm Jacqui Letran

I’m a former high school dropout and teen mom turned award-winning author, mindset mentor, and nurse practitioner.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught thousands of teen girls and their parents how their minds work, so they can tap into their strengths, choose their emotions, and get the results they want for a happier life.

I learned all of this the hard way. But your daughter doesn’t have to.

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My Mission is to Help Teen Girls:


to their inner powers




their self-worth

Because when girls believe in themselves, there’s nothing they cannot do.

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"Jacqui's book is simple, empowering and relatable for all teenagers."


"Jacqui’s expertise shines along with her genuine kindness and passion to help teen girls."


"Jacqui’s books give you the power to create positive changes."

give your daughter the gift of lasting Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence & Self-Love

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