Damn Mind Book & Companion Journal Bundle
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Damn Mind Book & Companion Journal Bundle

Damn Mind Book & Companion Journal Bundle

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  • Understand how their minds work 
  • Change negative beliefs
  • Replace unhealthy thoughts with positive ones  
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Use the power of the mind to create success and happiness 
  • Enjoy positive life experiences and much, much more!

✓ The guided companion journal will help girls transform their inner mean girl into their bestie! ♥

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In today’s world of social media distortion, teens face their toughest challenges ever.

And the battlefield is in their mind.    

Is your daughter prepared for the fight?    

Whether your daughter succeeds depends on her beliefs about herself and the world around her.    

But where do these beliefs come from?    

How do you help her break free from her negative beliefs and poor self-image?    

If you’ve been looking for a manual to help your daughter understand how her mind works and how her beliefs are affecting her experiences, this book is for you.    

Over the past 20 years, I have taught thousands of teens how to take control of their thoughts and feelings by helping them understand just how much power they have over their thoughts and feelings.    

And in this book, I’ve shared the exact lessons I’ve taught during my one-on-one sessions and in my workshops.      

This book will help your daughter: 

  • Understand how her mind works 
  • Change negative beliefs Replace unhealthy thoughts with positive ones  
  • Improve her self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Use the power of her mind to create the success she deserves 
  • Create positive life experiences and much, much more!

The guided journal will help your daughter:

  •  Identify areas that are holding her back
  •  Discover her strengths and goals
  • Quiet her mind and shut down your negative self-talk
  • Stay calm even when things are chaotic
  • Master two simple, yet highly effective techniques to take charge of her mind
  • Develop a powerful and positive mindset for success with 21 daily practices and prompts
Your daughter will love these books, because the examples are real and will give her the tools she needs to win the battle with her mind.


Publisher A Healed Mind
Language English
Reading Age 13+
Book Page Count 134
Journal Page Count 155
Bundle Weight 12.2 ounces
Book Dimensions 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches
Journal Dimensions 5.5 x 0.375x 8.5
Book ISBN 978-1952719066
Journal ISBN 978-0997624441


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ciara Manno
A Must Read

This book helps teens and moms of teens alike! After reading this book I was able to put in words what I’ve always known about the benefits of being positive. Changing your mindset isn’t always easy but this book outlines the steps and gives tools to use along the way!

H Stengl
Mind Book & Companion Journal Bund

Not exactly what I expected. We went through it together a bit at first. My daughter liked the journal ok but did not care for the book. She preferred to skip around a bit.

A Masterpiece!

Great Book!
I highly recommend this book not only for teens but also for all ages. As parents, it’s important to understand how our teenagers sees the world in order to understand their struggles and better help them cope with stress and uncertainties. As an adult, I loved every single chapter but in particular a quote from page 20.

This particular section from “Choosing Calm” really hit home and I hope it can help our teenagers understand that oftentimes there is an idea that somehow reacting in a negative way by getting angry or upset solves some problems.

The truth is that by getting angry and upset, we are wasting good energy that could be used for something beautiful and calming. Basically, this helps to understand that thoughts guide us to an emotional outcome regardless of how justified we think we may be...

Companion journal
The Companion Journal is another masterpiece I highly recommend. It helps the reader to connect to what is being read in a deeper way because it feels like we can create our own system for reflection that can teach about ourselves. It stimulates creativity but also reveal ideas that helps to release stress. It redirects concerns and helps the reader to move towards greater confidence and happiness about things that were hidden and needed a space to be manifested. Definitely recommending these books to friends, family and their teens.

Elzaree Bloat
Mind book

My Granddaughter loves it. She started writing in it right away.

Involved Grandma

I bought this for my grand daughter who is about to turn 15. Her mother was as enthusiastic as I was, always a bonus! I will not ask my grand daughter if she is participating, she will tell me if she wants me to know

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