Jump start your confidence and boost your self esteem self help book for teen girls
jump-start your confidence and boost your self-esteem for teen girls

EBOOK: Jump-Start Your Confidence & Boost Your Self-Esteem


  • Tap into the power of the mind to eliminate fear and self-doubt 
  • Develop a positive and resilient mindset 
  • Practice self-love, self-compassion, and more!
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Is your daughter struggling with her self-esteem or low self-confidence? Do fearful thoughts or self-doubts prevent her from enjoying life?  

You’ve given her extra support. You're always quick to point out her wonderful qualities.  But no matter what you do or say, your daughter just can’t seem to see the goodness in herself…    

What if there was a way to help her tap into her inner strength and resources?    

Working with thousands of clients over the past 20 years, I’ve learned that we all have incredible inner strengths I like to call inner superpowers.    

In this book, I share simple techniques to help your daughter tap into 7 of her inner superpowers and build a solid foundation of confidence and lasting self-esteem.    

This book will help your daughter: 

  • Tap into her power to eliminate fear and self-doubt 
  • Take control of her thoughts and feelings 
  • Feel comfortable in her own skin 
  • Create solutions and solve problems 
  • Develop a positive and resilient mindset 
  • Go after what she wants with clarity, courage and confidence.  
  • Create unshakable confidence and ever lasting self-esteem and much more!
Filled with real-life examples and step-by-step instructions, this book can help your daughter create a roadmap to achieve her goals with confidence. 

Your daughter deserves to feel good about herself.   This book can help.

Publisher A Healed Mind
Language English
Reading Age 13+

Do you often feel as though other people are better than you? Does it seem they are more carefree, more outgoing, and more confident? They make friends easily and good things seem to happen for them all the time. They are fun, witty, and full of charm. Everywhere they go, people are drawn to them. They do what they want and say what they think. 

These positive, likable traits seem to come so naturally for them. But for you, life is filled with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. 

What is their secret? How can they talk to anyone about anything with ease, while it’s a significant struggle for you to just be in the presence of others, let alone carry on a conversation? 

You dream of being different. You dream of being comfortable in your own skin. You dream of creating meaningful relationships, going after what you want with confidence, and feeling happy and satisfied with your everyday life. But your fear and self-doubt may be holding you back, causing you to feel trapped and powerless to change your situation. You’re left feeling sad, lonely, and insecure about yourself and your life. 

What if there was a way to change all of that? What if you could destroy your fear and self-doubt and be strong and self-assured instead? What would it be like if you could go into any situation with excitement, courage, and confidence? Imagine what your life would look like and what you could achieve. 

Just imagine. 

I will let you in on a little secret. That excitement, courage, and confidence which you admire in others are skills that you can learn. 

Sure, there are some people for whom these traits come naturally, but if you were not born with these traits, you can learn them. The thing is, you can learn to change your negative thinking, destroy your fear and self-doubt, and go after whatever you want with confidence. You can learn to be comfortable in your own skin and be completely at ease while expressing yourself. 

You were born with incredible powers within yourself – powers I like to refer to as, Inner Superpowers (ISPs). When tapped into, these ISPs will help you be happy, resilient, and successful in life. The problem is that you have not been aware of these ISPs, nor how to use them. 

Maybe you saw a glimpse of them here and there, but you didn’t recognize their power or have faith in them. If you don’t know what your ISPs are, how can you tap into them consistently and achieve the results you want and deserve? 

In this book, you will learn:

  • The seven Inner Superpowers guaranteed to destroy your fear and self-doubt 
  • Create a strong sense of self-esteem and unshakable confidence 
  • Easy to use tools to change your negative thinking into empowering thoughts 
  • How to connect to and strengthen your Inner Superpowers 
  • How to tap into and unleash your Inner Superpowers whenever you want to 
  • How to live within your full power and be happy, confident, and successful in life—and so much more!

You have so many Inner Superpowers that make you wonderful in every way. In this book, I have chosen to share seven specific ISPs because these seven are your best bet for destroying fear and self- doubt and for creating lasting self-esteem and unshakable confidence.

There is much written about each of these ISPs and each ISPs can be a stand-alone book. However, I know your time is valuable and you have other responsibilities and activities to tend to. Therefore, you’ll find that these chapters are brief and to the point. 

I will present enough information for you to understand your ISPs without bogging you down with too much information. By reading this book and completing the activities within each section, you will learn how to tap into these ISPs consistently, harness them, and unleash them whenever you want. You can learn how to go after what you want with confidence and create that happy and successful life you’ve been dreaming about. 

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