Have you ever thanked your nose? coloring book
Have you ever thanked your nose? coloring book
Have you ever thanked your nose? coloring pages

Create Your Own Gratitude Story

A Companion Coloring and Writing Book to Light Your Child's Path to a Thankful Heart.
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Why Kids and Parents Love This Creative Journey:

Familiar World, New Stories: Kids are invited to create their own gratitude story based on familiar, whimsical scenes.
Gratitude Through Art: Help your child practice expressing thanks with every page.
Bond and Create Cherished Memories: It's a perfect opportunity to connect, share, and grow together in gratitude.

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Are you looking for a fun way to make gratitude a daily part of your child's life? 

"Create Your Own Gratitude Story" takes children on a magical journey, where the cherished illustrations from "Have You Ever Thanked Your Nose?" become the canvas for their own creative tales. This book promises to be a delightful exploration of imagination, creativity, and thankfulness.

Why Kids and Parents Love This Creative Journey:

  • A Familiar World, New Stories: Leveraging illustrations directly from "Have You Ever Thanked Your Nose?", this coloring book becomes a canvas for creativity, inviting kids to create their tales around familiar, whimsical scenes.

  • Unleash Creative Potential: Inspire your children to mix colors with words, turning each illustration into a heartfelt story of gratitude, adventure, and discovery. This journey is more than coloring; its heartfelt storytelling.

  • Gratitude Through Art: Every page offers a chance for your child to share what they're thankful for, using the illustrations as a foundation for their own gratitude journal. It's a playful, engaging way to foster thankfulness and a deeper understanding of their world.

  • Bond and Create Together: This coloring book is the perfect opportunity for bonding. Sit down with your child, discuss the illustrations, and co-create their unique stories. It's an opportunity to connect, share, and grow together.

  • Craft a Keepsake: As your child fills the pages with their stories and colors, this book evolves into a precious keepsake, chronicling their growth, creativity, and moments of gratitude. It's a tangible piece of their young imagination to cherish forever.

Are you ready to embark on this beautiful adventure with your child, helping them unlock their creative potential and author a uniquely personal gratitude story? Marvel as their story unfolds, one page, one color, one word at a time. This experience is about more than just coloring pages-it's about crafting lasting memories, fostering gratitude, and celebrating creativity together.

coloring page from Have You Ever Thanked Your Nose?

Pair this coloring book with the main story and let the fun begin.


Have You Ever Thanked Your Nose book and coloring book combo

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