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I know you’ve tried so many different ways to reach your teen. You’ve tried talking to your teen, having a heart-to-heart, giving your teen space, being a friend, and enforce discipline. But you just can’t seem to get through. Your teen is unhappy, depressed, and anxious – you barely recognize the child who used to be so vibrant and confident.

And you’re consumed with worry and guilt: what if my child makes a horrible mistake that ruins their life? How will my child ever succeed and be happy when they are always so down on themselves? What does her future hold if they continues this way? You wonder, “Where did I go wrong as a parent."

It’s not your fault.

If you’re feeling this way, I want you to know that I understand. Raising a teen is tough, and there’s no easy cheat sheet to show you the “right” way to do it. But there are things you can do to help your child – and it’s not as difficult as you think.

You see, I know exactly what your teen is going through. I was once that troubled teen, consumed with self-doubt and insecurity.

I was heading in the wrong direction – and didn't know where to go for help.

At the age of 16, I met a man 5 years older than me. He showered me with love and affection. I no longer felt inferior, angry, and alone. He made me feel like the most important person on earth.

But within six months, it all fell apart. I found out I was pregnant. Suddenly, I was a 16-year-old high school drop-out with a baby on the way, living on public assistance.

I was devastated. I truly believed I had no future, that I was doomed to live a miserable life. How could I ever fix the mistakes I had made?

But something transformed inside me the day my son was born. I knew it was now up to me to break this cycle of self-destructive thoughts in order to give my son a good life.

So I threw myself into self-help, healing, and mindset work. I learned that all the judgments I felt from others were really judgments I held against myself. That all of my anxiety and fears were based on thoughts that I had the power to change.

I realized that the only person standing in my way of my happiness and success was me. I was the only person who could get myself on the right track and create the life I wanted. This realization changed my life.

As a result, I’ve done things that 16-year-old Jacqui didn’t dare to dream of:

  • Earned a master’s degree in nursing by the time I was 23
  • Became a Nurse Practitioner specializing in adolescent health
  • Owned two teen health clinics
  • Raised an amazing young man
  • Semi-retired before I turned 50
  • Wrote 6 award-winning books (and counting!) that are sold around the world in multiple languages
  • Became a best-selling author for seven years running
  • Founded Teen Confidence Academy and mentored thousands of teens to build unshakable confidence

Through it all, I saw that in spite of everything that had happened to me, I had what I needed to succeed in life. I always had, I just didn’t know how to harness the power of my mind.

You are the key to your happiness!

And that’s the message I want to share with your teen. Your teen has the chance to create a fulfilling life. Whether your teen is feeling inferior, sad, scared, isolated, angry, helpless, your teen is not alone. These books, courses, and the podcast I created are here to help speed things up to help your teen succeed.

Jacqui Letran

Parents – this is for you too.

Parents, I want you to know that you’re not alone either. You might feel hopeless, watching your teen turn into a withdrawn, overwhelmed, and unhappy teenager. You might be asking yourself, “Where did I go wrong?" You might be afraid it’s too late to get your teen back on the right path.

But if I could turn my life around, I know it’s not too late for your teen either.

All of that fear and guilt you’re feeling comes from a place of deep love and concern for your teen’s safety and happiness. With the right tools and guidance, you can rebuild your relationship with your teen, reclaim your full parenting power – without all the conflict – and best of all, see your teen happy again.  

Because once your teen understands how to use the power of the mind, everything will change for the better. Just like it did for me once I rewired my mind with positive and powerful beliefs.  

Your teen deserves to be happy and to succeed in life. Let’s make it happen!  


Jacqui Letran award winning author