Healing & Empowerment with Jacqui
Healing & Empowerment with Jacqui
Healing & Empowerment with Jacqui
Healing & Empowerment with Jacqui

Healing & Empowerment with Jacqui

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Breakthrough Awaits: Custom Mindset Solutions Tailored Just for You by Jacqui Letran, Author, Mindset Mentor, and Nurse Practitioner

Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of nonstop overthinking? Does persistent self-doubt undermine your confidence? Whether you're dealing with anxiety, relationship challenges, or the pressures of daily life, take heart. Your breakthrough is closer than you think.

I am Jacqui Letran, your trusted ally and mindset mentor. As an author and nurse practitioner, I have devoted my life to helping people like you move past emotional trauma to reclaim their power. My approach goes beyond mere advice; I offer profound healing experiences to help you surmount mental barriers, embrace your authentic self, and craft a life brimming with love, success, and happiness.

Choose Your Path to Clarity:

Option 1: Email Empowerment
For a one-time investment of $97, pose your most pressing question and receive a detailed, personalized email response. This option is perfect for those who seek thoughtful guidance they can reflect on in their own time. More than just an email, it’s a key to unlocking your transformational journey—a journey towards emotional freedom that's merely a click away.

Option 2: Live One-on-One 20-Minute Consultation
If dynamic, real-time support is what you seek, connect with me for a 20-minute Zoom call at $197. Ideal for gaining immediate clarity and actionable advice, this session is designed for swift and personal interaction.

Option 3: In-Depth Mindset Mentoring and Healing
For those ready to delve deeper, a 60-minute one-on-one session is available at $497. Designed to offer profound insights and strategies, this in-depth mentoring and healing session is where significant shifts and lasting change begin.

Our Promise to You:

  • Personalized Guidance: Regardless of which service you select, you will receive advice that is tailored specifically to you, drawing on over a decade of experience in helping thousands find inner peace and power.

  • Prompt Responses: Email inquiries are addressed within 48 hours, enabling you to swiftly take the next steps on your path to confidence and serenity.

  • Convenient Scheduling: Book your live sessions easily. Available from Monday to Friday, 11 am - 7 PM CST, and scheduled within 14 days of your purchase, we ensure your journey to transformation integrates smoothly with your life.

  • Your Privacy, Our Priority: We uphold the strictest standards of confidentiality, guaranteeing that your private thoughts stay private.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: While personalized advice precludes refunds, our unwavering commitment is to your satisfaction, and we will strive to address all your concerns.

  • Clear, Actionable Advice: Expect guidance that is insightful and practical, delivered through email or live interaction, and tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • Ongoing Support: Should you require additional support or wish to explore deeper healing, we are ready to arrange further sessions to support your journey.

  • Expertise at Your Service: My expertise spans a broad spectrum, with a special focus on fostering personal growth, overcoming mental barriers, and facilitating deep emotional healing.

    Getting Started:

    After your purchase, you'll receive an email detailing how to submit your question. Remember, the more context you provide, the more personalized your advice will be. Please focus on ONE question and ONE scenario to ensure a deep dive into your situation. If you wish to explore another area, you are welcome to purchase an additional advice session for each new question.

    Sample Questions That Can Transform Your Life:

    • Decision-Making Dilemma: "I'm facing a significant career choice between job security and pursuing my passion. How do I decide what's best for me without being paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice?"

    • Relationship Crossroads: "My partner and I have hit a rough patch where our communication seems to be breaking down. What steps can I take to open up a constructive dialogue and reconnect?"

    • Self-Confidence Boost: "I constantly doubt my abilities and it's holding me back professionally. What strategies can I employ to build my self-confidence and assert myself in the workplace?"

    • Overcoming Past Setbacks: "I've experienced a series of failures that have left me feeling defeated. How can I shift my mindset to see these as growth opportunities rather than just losses?"

    • Handling Overwhelm: "I'm overwhelmed with the demands of balancing work, family, and personal time. Can you provide advice on managing stress and regaining control over my schedule?"

    • Navigating Life Transitions: "I'm about to enter a new phase in life by starting college/moving to a new city/retiring. How can I best prepare myself mentally for this change?"

    • Breaking Unhealthy Patterns: "I notice a pattern of negative thinking that spirals into anxiety. What are some practical steps I can take to interrupt and change this cycle?"

    • Assertiveness in Personal Relationships: "I struggle with setting boundaries with friends and family, which often leaves me feeling taken advantage of. How can I assert my needs respectfully and effectively?"

    • Finding Purpose and Direction: "I feel like I'm just going through the motions and lack a sense of purpose in my life. How can I find direction and make meaningful choices?"

    • Cultivating Self-Love and Acceptance: "I've always been hard on myself and struggle to practice self-love. What are some actionable ways I can begin to accept and appreciate myself more?"

    • Parenting Teens Inquiry: "As the parent of a teenager, I'm finding it difficult to communicate effectively with my child. They seem to withdraw and shut down whenever I try to address important issues like school performance or responsible behavior. How can I open up the lines of communication and foster a more trusting and open relationship with my teen?"

    • Co-Parenting Challenge: "My ex-partner and I have very different parenting styles, and this is causing confusion and conflict for our teenage children. What strategies can we use to create a more unified approach to parenting that respects our individual differences while providing consistent guidance and support for our teens?"

    Sample Question: Addressing a Specific Concern with Relevant Details

    My struggle with negative thought patterns is something I’ve been trying to overcome for years, but lately, it seems to be getting the better of me. To give you a specific example, just last week, I was assigned a new project at work. Initially, I was excited, but by the evening, my mind had convinced me that my boss doubted my abilities and that's why she gave me this particular project — perhaps it was a test, and I was sure to fail. This thought persisted and by bedtime, I was lying awake, picturing myself being reprimanded or even fired, despite having no real reason to believe any of this would happen.

    This isn't an isolated incident. It's a recurring problem that I face whenever I'm presented with a challenge or even when there's a slight change in my routine. It's as though my mind is looking for things to worry about. I've tried various approaches like journaling my thoughts, meditation, and even some breathing exercises, but these intrusive thoughts somehow find their way back in.

    I need a way to catch these negative thoughts early on and redirect them before they escalate. What can I do in the moment when I notice the first signs of this pattern? Are there specific thought exercises or affirmations you recommend that can help me build a healthier mental habit?

    Begin Your Journey with Ease:

    Select the service that best meets your needs, and leave the rest to us. Your journey to a more peaceful and empowered life begins now.

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