I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Guided Workbook
I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Guided Workbook
I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Guided Workbook
I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Guided Workbook

I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Guided Workbook

Master the skills taught in the book with this guided companion workbook.

Learn how to:

  • Identify current struggles & challenges
  • Connect to inner strengths and wisdom
  • Quiet the mind and shut down negative self-talk
  • Retrain the brain to be positive and powerful
  • Practice self-care, develop healthy habits and much, much more!
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Each day is a struggle...and school is a nightmare. 

It's no wonder young men find it difficult to thrive, especially when their inner voice holds so much power.

What is your son's inner voice telling him?

Negative self-talk can create a faulty belief system that hinders self-esteem, breeds insecurity, fear, and self-doubt.

But the good news is that we have the power to change how our inner voice speaks.

After conquering low self-esteem and depression, Jacqui Letran became passionate about teaching others how to retrain their minds. Now, with over 20 years of experience working with teens in the medical and holistic world, using time-tested practices, she’s helped thousands embody Peaceful Confidence™.

In this guided workbook for young men, your son will learn how to:

  • Identify his strengths and goals.
  • Shut down negative self-talk.
  • Build the self-confidence he needs to be happy and successful.

It's time for your son to thrive.

Your son will love this workbook because even just a little bit of time each day can make a world of difference that will impact the rest of his life. 

 *****To get the most out of this workbook, be sure to also read the I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! book. *****


Publisher A Healed Mind
Language English
Reading Age 13+
Page Count 155
Product Weight

paperbacK: 7.7 ounces
bundle: 14.4 ounces

Product Dimensions 5.5 x 0.35 x 8.5 inches
Paperback ISBN 978-1952719189

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Customer Reviews

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iWIC Reviewer
A book that sheds light on the darker tunnels of our mind

"I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me!: A Guided Workbook to Help Young Men Use the Power of the Mind to Be Positive, Happy, and Confident" by award-winning author Jacqui Letran, is a companion book to "I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me: A Young Man's Guide to Understanding His Thoughts and Feelings". The best way to describe this book is with an analogy. Imagine a doctor trying to perform a critical operation without understanding the nature of the body part being operated on? What are the chances of success? In comparison, how does one succeed in life, operating at optimal levels, without understanding how your own mind works; how those inner voices affect you and how to control the subconscious mind which can work both for and against you? Letran's book is aimed at showing teens, and for that matter, any reader, how to understand how the mind, both the conscious part and the subconscious mind, work in tandem, how they integrate and what makes the subconscious mind work against you - resulting in stress, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem. Sadly, no one hands you a manual when you are growing up, one that clearly explains how your mind functions, and why, when you experience negative emotions and negative thoughts, you can spiral out of control. There should be a manual for life, and whether it is this book or not, it should certainly present the inner workings of the mind with the simplicity that Letran does, and how, through practice and discipline, one can become master of the subconscious element and navigate with understanding and greater success through life. I recommend both books - for anyone who wants to shed light on the dark tunnels and recesses of their own mind.

Perfect Companion for the Book

As one of the beta readers for this workbook, I can't recommend it enough!
It gives concrete practice and encouragement for its companion book, " I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me!"
Workbooks like this one give a higher level of understanding for concepts that might be challenging for the reader.
I always recommend ordering this along with the original book.

Buy this!!!

This is a perfect partner to the “I would but my Damn mind won’t let me” book. Its easy to read and follow. There are so many opportunities for a teen to identify mental blocks, and prompts to assist with their positive mental refocus. There are parts of this book, that I hope the author completes as a separate additional guided journal, because they are that good. Every part of the page is utilized as a work space for teens. There are many different ways for them to expressively work through whatever mental blocks they may have. The author takes into consideration the reluctance of some teen boys to initiate journaling. There are self guided problem solving prompts, affirmations and education on awareness that I know will help empower my son to work through his negative thinking, and mind set.